Welcome to TMN it Service. TMNit is a one man operation. I offer three services for your convenience at affordable prices. Everything is hands on. If you should need to call for support you get routed to me directly via Google Voice. This allows me to ensure that I get every call no matter where I am at. No phone trees no confusing options just a real person on the other side of the phone.

I am driven to provide quality service to you, my customer and to do so within almost any budget. I am proud to serve all who choose TMN to perform any of the services in which I offer. I will do my personal best to provide prompt service and make sure that you get the best quality service imaginable.

Consulting & Computer Service:

Offering pc recommendations to help you in making the proper machine choices either for home or business. Installing computers, peripherals, networking hardware, configuration of machines, network, for homes and small businesses. A full line of computer service options at affordable prices. Serving Dyer and surrounding counties in Western Tennessee. Quality Service for: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, & Windows 8+8.1. (I have discontinued support for Windows 95, 98, & Me machines.)

Web Hosting Service:

Offering web hosting in multiple affordable tiers as well as Reseller Accounts. Our web-services are built upon the stability of Linux managed by CPanel. We strive to offer the best quality of service to Individuals, Small Businesses, Religious Origination’s, & Non profit origination’s.

Thank you for visiting.